Vision Team travels to Iona

The 2017-2018 LCM Vision Team traveled to Iona in Scotland in August. You’re invited to follow along with their journey on the blog

Before their journey, the vision team chose to focus on the the question of how LCM might make space for people of all types to feel welcome and fulfilled; and how can we as individuals grow by stepping outside our comfort zones and walking alongside those who experience their faith differently than ourselves?

In pursuit of this question, they will be journeying to the island of Iona in Scotland to spend a week with the Iona Christian community, established at a former abbey and monastery. They chose this community because it is comprised of members who live on the island as well as a network of members around the globe who are committed to living their lives following the principles of the group. The community embraces mystery, pioneers new music and ways of worshiping, and is committed to putting their faith in action in the public square. The Vision Team is so excited to learn from this community about how they might build a community which can hold diverse spiritual needs, and kinds of religious expression.