Uncommon Conversations

Uncommon Conversations is a series of gatherings where we play at the intersections of faith, life and learning, partnering with University Departments as it’s possible.  We believe that the God we meet in Christ was a boundary crossing God, and so we consistently engage these boundaries on our campus and in our communities, working towards reconciliation and justice.

This fall, we’re looking forward to gathering people for conversations about the marriage amendment (September 26, at 7pm), and gathering people of faith who are also political, and who want to make the world a better place (from both sides of the aisle) for a three part conversation called:  Faith and Politics:  Is there Common Ground?

If you’re interested in an ongoing conversation about the intersections of faith, life and learning, stop by our “Uncommon Conversations” table in Coffman Union every Thursday from 11-1pm.  We’ll have lots of free snacks, in exchange for your input on the “question of the day.”

People involved with these conversations will also be blogging about their uncommon conversations here.  Please check out the blog, and let us know if you’re interested in participating in one or more of these conversations!