Student Servant Leaders

Emily HackersonEmily Hackerson (Apple Valley, MN) is a junior majoring in genetics, cell biology, and development and hopes to go to medical school to become a pediatrician after graduation. She loves to golf and go to the theater. LCM is important to Emily because it gives students across all majors a chance to be more than their major – you can just be yourself. Through LCM, Emily hopes to help people feel meaningfully connected to a smaller community on a huge campus.
Liz LindgrenLiz Lindgren (Dayton, MN) is a senior majoring in biomedical engineering. After graduation, she is excited to learn more about medical devices and explore whatever city she ends up in. For fun and to recharge, Liz enjoys knitting, running, reading, tennis, building snowmen, and cross country skiing. She finds the LCM community very meaningful, as it is where she has found the majority of her friends. Through LCM, Liz hopes that other people, particularly the new people, can feel as welcome as she did when she first arrived freshman year.
James DahlvangJames Dahlvang (Mankato, MN) is a sophomore majoring in biology and is planning to pursue medical school after life at the U. He also enjoys sports, reading, writing, and chilling. James loves the openness of the LCM community and the balance between spiritual development and doing God’s work—not to say they’re mutually exclusive! Through LCM, James is looking forward to another year of getting to know God and creating a better world.
Grace TaylorGrace Taylor (Randolph, MN) is a sophomore in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences at the University and is currently studying Animal Science intending to graduate with a poultry emphasis. She also is -unofficially- studying/taking classes in the areas of Agricultural Communication & Marketing. Grace loves to be involved as a Gopher Gameday Fan and her favorites are football, volleyball, and women’s basketball. For leisure/fun Grace likes to read, watch crime TV and spend time with the people she cares about and will journal her prayers sometimes as a way to recharge and reflect. Grace believes LCM is a place where individuals can be courageous in our uncertainty, knowing that we don’t always have all of the answers, and where we can embrace ourselves for our unique individuality.
Laura WyattLaura Wyatt (East Bethel, MN) is a junior majoring in Agricultural Education. Her dream job would be to work for Minnesota 4-H and help youth learn about the world around them with learning by doing. Laura LOVES chilling in her hammock and exploring cute coffee shops all around the Twin Cities. She feels that she can totally be herself and live out her faith in LCM and loves how everyone is so truly welcoming and excited about their faith. At LCM, Laura enjoys digging deep together and exploring some hard topics, as well as having fun together. She really hopes that, as a group, students at LCM can grow the ministry and reach out to even more folks on campus. As a student based on the St. Paul campus, Laura would love to have more events, and see more student involvement, near her.
Sarah BakerSarah Baker (Duluth, MN) is a senior majoring in biology and pharmacology. Life after graduation might lead to medical or graduate school. Or maybe she’ll take a year off! Regardless, Sarah loves school and will definitely want to continue with that. Sarah loves spending time in the woods, especially at her cabin and in the Boundary Waters. She also enjoys running, reading, and watching sports. Sarah loves the connections that she’s made so far with all the people in LCM as everyone is so unique and each person brings something different to the group. Sarah believes LCM to be a necessary part of her life at the U, and she couldn’t imagine where she would be without it. Sarah looks forward to some of the more casual gatherings with LCM like game nights would love to continue exploring Ecofaith.
Connor FellConnor Fell (Millburn, NJ) is a sophomore studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is hoping to have a career in engineering in order to improve the world we live in while protecting our environment. After college, Connor also looks forward to staying involved with his faith through opportunities offered by the ELCA, wherever that may lead him. He is a huge New York Mets fan and sports fan, in general. Connor also likes taking his dog for walks. Connor sees LCM as a place to connect with others and explore faith/God/religion/Christianity, together. Through LCM he has been able to learn a lot more about himself and his beliefs. Connor hopes to continue to grow in his faith by being an active member of the LCM community and sharing stories/experiences with others.
Sophia LitkewitschSophia Litkewitsch (Minneapolis/St. Paul area) is a senior majoring in aerospace engineering and mechanics. She enjoys biking, reading, and spending time with her friends. Sophia has found LCM to be a place of meaningful and honest conversation and hopes that, in this upcoming year, other people will find the same welcome at LCM that she has.
jonah-snyder.jpgJonah Snyder (Bemidji, MN) is a senior studying Information Technology. After graduating, Jonah hopes to explore a combination of work, vocational discernment, and life at Holden Village. For fun and renewal he enjoys music, cooking, learning about random topics, and reading. Jonah believes LCM provides a place for students to rest and know that they are loved. He thinks LCM is a place that calls us to love and serve those around us, just as we do for one another. Through LCM, Jonah hopes that he and others will explore the reason and action associated with their faith. He wants to live as he is so called.
amanda-charles.jpegAmanda Charles (De Pere, WI) is junior, double-majoring in Economics and Strategic Communication. She has no idea what life looks like after graduation and might consider law school! Amanda loves to do anything outside, especially hiking or biking and has done a few backcountry hiking trips. Amanda loves the intentional community she’s found at LCM. She has met people that she now considers her closest friends, and she loves the sense of welcoming openness at Grace. She appreciates everyone bringinging such unique stories and personalities, which makes for such a colorful group of friends. Amanda hopes that LCM widens its outreach to introduce more students to this wonderful community. As part of the outreach committee, she is excited to work across campus to listen to people’s stories and let them know what LCM is!
caleb-meyer-e1534030113924.jpgCaleb Meyer (Baxter, MN) is entering his third year studying Political Science and History. When he’s not studying, Caleb enjoys reading, sleeping, and hanging out with friends. He finds LCM meaningful because it is one group on campus where he can talk about faith and explore any questions he has. Caleb hopes that LCM can continue to become an even more supportive community of believers.
Kelly MorkKelly Mork (Madison, WI) is a senior majoring in Architecture and Sustainability. After graduating she would love to spend time at Holden Village and work in the design field. Kelly also likes camping, reading, and hammocking, preferably all at the same time with coffee in her hand. She enjoys having LCM as a church community to rest with among the craziness of life on campus and in our world. Kelly hopes LCM can be a place where we can recognize that, at the end of the day, we are all people capable of love and kindness and that we shouldn’t let anything override that.
Grace RichmondGrace Richmond (Sun Prairie, WI) is a sophomore studying microbiology and is also minoring in public health and anthropology. After undergrad she is hoping to go to grad school to pursue a PhD in pathobiology (infectious disease studies) and is aspiring to be a professor/researcher in this field. Grace love movies, especially “bad” movies. She recently got her SCUBA certification, she likes to cook and hang out with friends, and enjoys riding her bike. When Grace came to the U she knew no one, but LCM embraced her and she quickly made true and meaningful connections and friendships. Having the support of a welcoming and reflective community has helped make a big university seem smaller. Grace loves exploring faith in a place where questioning and wondering is encouraged so she can grow in faith and recognize her identity as a child of God. She hopes that she can support the LCM community the same way it supported her. Grace aspires to grow into her leadership role to make a meaningful and lasting impact.
molly-hawkins.jpgMolly Hawkins (Fairmont, MN) is entering her second year at the U and is studying political science. She hopes to travel the world, go to law school, make a meaningful impact on our world through policy and law, and continue to grow in her faith along the way. Molly loves running, reading, shopping, drinking coffee, and spending time with friends and family. Molly finds LCM to be cleansing, uplifting, and grounding. LCM is a place that brings solidity and serenity into, what can otherwise be, a blurry phase of her life. Molly loves the sacredness and the peace involved on Wednesdays during the quiet evening worship — it’s a place where everything slows down. Molly loves Grace University Lutheran Church for how small and old it is in this huge campus and city. She loves Tuesday soup and the beauty of sharing a hot meal with a diverse group of people — it’s been her comfort away from home. Molly hopes that LCM can continue to be a more compassionate and welcoming community. She hopes the world might reach for others with open arms no matter where you’re coming from or where you plan on going.
andrew-freitag.jpgAndrew Freitag (Devon, PA) is going to be a sophomore and is currently studying finance. After graduation he hopes to live in a major city as he has never lived anywhere outside the suburbs. Andrew likes to play basketball, video games, and poker. The connections he’s formed at LCM have become some of the most meaningful friendships in his life. Experiencing this in a time of such division allows him to remain close with others while not letting the noise from the outside to cause rifts within the LCM community.
mara-bowman.jpegMara Bowman (Manitowoc, WI) is a junior majoring in Elementary Education. After college she is excited to teach and work to make the education system be more equitable. Mara enjoys reading, listening to/playing music, and spending time with friends. She’s found LCM to be meaningful as a place where, for the first time as an adult, she can be fully active in facilitating her own faith life, and choose to engage with others in conversations about individual spiritual beliefs. Mara finds LCM’s worship services to be very powerful. She loves being challenged to gain new perspectives whether it is simply from a different point of view or from understanding more of another religion/spiritual practice.
dakota-noel.jpgDakota Noel (Chicago, IL) is majoring in Theatre-Design and Tech, Cinema and Media Culture, and Comparative Literature. After graduation, he hopes to spend a year at Holden Village before going to seminary for arts ministry, and entering candidacy. For fun he enjoys ballroom, latin, and swing dancing, reading, and making art. Dakota appreciates LCM as it is a community that stretches far beyond the walls of the church, and forms friendships that break through the boundaries of activity. He hopes for other students to find their community like he did, exactly when they need it.
Molly KapociusMolly Kapocius (Appleton, WI) is a senior studying Spanish and Public Health. After life at the U she hopes to pursue a masters and MD. She enjoys playing with her cat (pictured left), going for walks, spending time in nature, and cooking. Molly believes LCM brings together a group of people who have diverse interests and who are all driven and passionate about those interests. She is looking forward to making this upcoming year a good culminating year of undergrad.