Small Groups

Small groups are one of the best ways to get to know one another in the LCM community. Each semester, different small groups are offered for students to be part of–they range in topics and size, but all are a place to create relationships with one another around conversation, action and faith. Fill out this form to sign up!  Here are the small groups offered this semester!


Freshman Bible Study | Wednesdays; 8pm; Grace University Lutheran Church (Stadium Village)

If you’re a first year student looking to grow in faith and build community, then this Bible Study is for you. Led by two sophomores, you’ll talk about your faith, and grow together as you share the ups and downs of your first year.

Men’s Small Group | Thursdays; 8pm; University Lutheran Church of Hope (Dinkytown)

Come each week to hang out with other guys and grow in your faith.

Box of Chocolates Small Group | Mondays; 7pm; Grace University Lutheran Church

Monday evenings this semester are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. Come explore a variety of social justice topics in a variety of ways on Monday evenings. We’ll explore how cinema, art, and music can be used to create social change, we’ll dive deep in to some issues in our world today, and we’ll discuss how we are called to serve and work for justice as people of faith.

St. Paul Bible Study | Tuesdays; 5:30-6:30pm; Lori’s Coffee House

Join other “St. Paul Kids” for coffee and bible study. Drop in once or come weekly – we can’t wait to meet you!

Big Questions Small Group | Sundays; 12-1pm; Grace University Lutheran Church

Join together with other young adults in talking about the big questions in your life.  We’ll have free lunch each session and living into Martin Luther’s famous question from the Small Catechism “What Does this Mean?”  to frame our questions about theology, ethics, and politics. You’re welcome to join in the semester long conversation, or drop in for questions that are particularly pressing for you. Check our weekly announcements or the website for weekly topics.

Fill out this form to sign up for a small group!

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