Love in Action

This is a page devoted to all of the ways that you can put your faith in action through service work, justice making, and outreach on campus and beyond. Check back regularly for updates, which will also be posted on our calendar!

upcoming events


past events

Open Arms Service Opportunity // Oct. 28 // 10am-noon

Lutheran Campus Ministry will be serving at Open Arms of Minnesota on Oct. 28 from 10am-noon. Open Arms is a non-profit in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis that provides free, nutritious meals to people with life-threatening illnesses. We’ll be working a shift in the kitchen on Saturday morning, cooking meals for that day. Bring your friends!

Community Emergency Service Thanksgiving Food Distribution // Nov. 17; 4-8pm // Nov. 18; 8am-noon.

Community Emergency Service (CES) provides food for families and individuals in need for a Thanksgiving meal. On Friday night, from 4-8pm, we’ll help prepare the bags and packages of food to be distributed. On Saturday morning, 8am-noon, we’ll help CES distribute Thanksgiving food!

Love In Action: Concrete Tools for Building God’s New Day

We often talk about how Jesus shows up at the margins of our community and world, and the margins of our life.  We also often talk about showing up in solidarity with those on the margins, and meeting Jesus in those places.  But we don’t often talk about how to do that in concrete ways, or how to pick what actions matter most to us. During Lent this year, we’ll be meeting on Wednesdays at 7:30pm to learn from outstanding practitioners about concrete ways to build a better world.  We’ll follow these conversations with contemplative worship at 9pm; grounding ourselves in prayer, scripture, and the light of Christ.

March 22, 7:30pm |  Having Hard Conversations across Difference

Former Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson
We live in a polarized world.  It’s true.  It can feel so hard to connect with people who disagree with you on issues you care about. Come to this gathering to gain some concrete tools for connecting around shared values with people you disagree with, and for reaching out to bridge differences.

March 29, 7:30pm | Poetry and Song as Resistance and Resilience

Dave Scherer (AGAPE) and Joe Davis

All this loving can get exhausting unless you have practices of resilience to keep you going.  Join hip hop artist AGAPE (Dave Scherer) and spoken word artist Joe Davis to hear how poetry and song keeps them going in their work for racial justice.  Part performance, part presentation, this will lift you up!


What do you do when you sense something bad is about to happen?  Maybe it’s on the bus, or at a party?  When do you intervene, and how?  When do you decide to step back and what do you do?  Gain some concrete tips for finding courage, standing up to haters, all while keeping yourselves safe.