LCM Sunday

Study after study reveals that less young people are attending church, and of those that do attend, they attend less regularly.  What these studies fail to account for is the deep faithfulness of the students who are actively engaged with a faith community, the ways they are reaching out across borders and boundaries, the counter cultural nature of their practice, the ways they’re integrating their experiences in labs and classrooms with their faith, and the ways they are, and will continue, to shape the church and world into the future.

We at LCM-TC are privileged to walk alongside some of these young adults while they’re in college, and we are looking forward to being present in nine congregations on March 31 for an exciting LCM Sunday!

On LCM Sunday, current students will be preaching at congregations throughout the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area Synods, proclaiming the Gospel, and sharing stories about their life in college.

Meet our preachers for the day:

Mara Bowman
James Dahlvang
Connor fell
Nick foreman
caleb meyer
dakota noel
olivia olson
grace richmond
jonah snydeR


Hear from current students:

Student Worship: remember to pause

Reflections on Agape

REflections on joy