Wednesday Student Worship

We worship at 9pm on Wednesday nights at Grace University Lutheran Church.  We call it “pause,” because it’s like taking a big deep breath in the middle of the week.  You can expect mostly students to be in attendance (it’s at 9pm after all), acoustic music, robust conversation, quiet prayer and reflection. Our communion table is open, which is one way of expressing that when we say all are welcome, we really mean it.  Our worship together is at the center of our community and the point from which our action on campus and in the world springs. Find more details about “pause” visit our events page.

Sunday Intergenerational Worship

Many students also worship at the regularly scheduled services of the intergenerational churches on campus: Grace University Lutheran Church (Stadium Village), University Lutheran Church of Hope (Dinkytown), and St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church (St. Paul).  You can expect a more traditional structure to worship, babies and elders, and a general sense of liveliness.  You don’t have to “dress up,” but some folks do. We are grateful for the immense gifts of these congregations and the ways they encourage and lift up this academic community.