Small Group Options

The U is a big place, and it can be hard to find points of connection, to get to know people in meaningful ways, and talk about things that matter.  That’s why we love small groups!

  • Huddles are student-led small groups of 4-6 people meeting together to discover how God is at work in our lives, explore scripture and put faith into action. We do all this and more while having fun with other students! We begin new huddles at the start of each semester. Sign-up is live through Jan. 30!
  • Our Freshman Survival Small Group meets during the first month of classes, as a way to connect, pray with others, and talk about what’s on your heart.
  • Occasional Bible studies on the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses are great ways to take a deep dive into scripture and explore how it intersects with your life. These are sometimes they are led by student leaders, a seminary intern, or the pastor.

If you are interested in joining one, please fill out this form!

Also feel free to check out our events page for more info.

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