Beloveds, there are so many moving pieces. So many. Whether you’re a first-year student, a returning Gopher looking to make new connections, or someone who has been around a while, all of these moving pieces are making an already chaotic time feel even more so.
Here’s the good news: our LCM plan for ministry in the midst of COVID has always proclaimed God’s love for you — just as you are. It’s also, always, centered love for our neighbor, and concern for those who are marginalized on campus and in the world. As the University shifts and changes its policies, we’ve been prioritizing large group safety and working hard to make online worship as meaningful as possible for you. Meanwhile, we’ve also been making space for small and safe chances to connect as embodied humans who know something important happens when we are together, in person.

In alignment with both Minnesota Department of Health’s recommendations for worshipping communities, and the University of Minnesota’s recommendations for student groups, any large group events (including worship) for LCM will be held online, until otherwise announced.

Given the necessity and importance of being together within the Christian tradition (Matthew 18:20), the call we have to love our neighbors and the concern we have for centering people who are marginalized (Matthew 25:40), and the importance of being safe in relationship to COVID-19, LCM-TC will:

  • organize small groups of less than 10 people to meet online + outside (distanced and masked).
  • organize small groups of less than 10 people to be of service in the community, while masked and physically distanced.
  • continue to connect 1:1 or in small groups with students outdoors in a safe and physically distanced way for community-building events.