Faith & Leadership Institute

You are invited to engage community leaders as they tell the story about how their faith undergirds and inspires their leadership, and their work to build a better world. Learn from business leaders, scientists, professors, and community activists as we share a meal, listen, and engage in conversation.

We are a diverse community here at the U, and these conversations are meant to be ecumenical and interfaith in nature. We strive to reflect this in our speakers, and in the conversation partners that we engage with around tables, as we share food and conversation. 



The Intersection of Spirituality & Identity: A Story of Faith From a Queer Black Lens
November 9, 7pm, Grace University Lutheran Church

In November, join Jason Jackson, Associate Director of the U of M’s Gender and Sexuality Center to discuss the intersection of race, sexuality and spirituality, the challenges of navigating that path, and how this unique identity contributes to his leadership, and playing a part in building a better world.

 Faith, Politics and Finding Common Ground 
October 12, 7pm, Grace University Lutheran Church
In October, we will hear from two state legislators: Senator John Marty (DFL, member of Mt. Olivet Lutheran in Mpls), and former Representative Phil Krinkie (Republican, member of Incarnation Lutheran in Shoreview). They’ll share how their faith informs their vocation as an elected official, and then we’ll have a conversation about what shared values inform their work together.


Faith, Science, and the University
January 27th, 7pm, Grace University Lutheran Church | RSVP Here!
In January, we’ll hear from Professor Dave Bernlor, in the College of Biological Sciences about how his faith intersects with his work, and how he understands his work as contributing to the greater good. Dinner will be served at 7, and we’ll settle in to learn and talk around 7:15.

Mental Illness, Leadership and Spirituality
February 24th, 7pm, Grace University Lutheran Church | RSVP Here!
Hear from community leaders about how their own mental illness and spirituality has intersected with their leadership in the community.  Dinner will be served at 7, and we’ll settle in to learn and talk around 7:15.

 Faith, Gender, and Leadership in Our Lives

In April, we’ll be watching “The Mask You Live In,” and exploring the role that gender and faith have with one another, as well as how they inform our understanding of our own leadership. Reception of heavy appetizers at 6:30, Movie at 7:00, and Small Group Debrief at 8:30.

Event Itinerary:
6:30-7:00 Reception
7:00-8:30 “The Mask You Live In” Movie Showing
8:30-9:00 Small Group Debrief

Matthew 20: 26-28

26 …whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant, 27 and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave; 28 just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

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