Vocation/Discernment Groups


February 5 | March 5 | April 2 

We often talk about vocation in theoretical terms, but rarely have a chance to talk in an extended way about what this looks like with one another.  The conversation will be geared towards students and young adults, but anyone is welcome to join! The conversations will happen once a month in February, March, and April.

We’ll select a question ahead of time, and then join together around that question.  It’ll be a free wheeling, Spirit led conversation! Some possible questions to think about:

  • When you think about the idea of God caring about how you live and what you do with your life, what about that is hopeful for you?
  •   It’s easy to think about “call” or “vocation” as something in the future. What does it mean to think about it in the present?
  • How are you called to love and serve your neighbor now—as students?
  • God calls us to be disciples, but in all of our lives there are several ways in which we live this out. Your job. Being a friend. Being a son or daughter or sibling or parent, etc. What strategies do you have to navigate and balance all these roles, especially if you consider them calls?

Do you have a question that’s pressing for you?  Let Pastor Kate know!