New School Year Jitters

The week before school started, 16 LCM leaders got together to start planning for the year to come.  How would we get new students interested?  What little things could we do to brighten up campus?  The first day was especially stressful, thinking of the whirlwind that would soon follow.  But then we started to get to know each other and learn each others strengths, and soon were certain that, together, with the help of God, we could handle the craziness of the coming year.

Through the week I saw God in many places:
– In the graciousness of members of Grace eager to build relationships with our students
– In the community we built, trusting each other, being there for each other when we needed it most, and being able to bring our whole selves to the table.
– In the willingness to take on responsibilities that we didn’t plan on taking on, but knowing the importance, and taking responsibility for them.
– In the beautiful weather we got to go outside to enjoy during breaks.
– In the eager faces of the freshmen as they moved into their new home away from home.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for being with us in this time of transition as we struggle to get in the swing of things.  Thank you for the amazing people I have met through LCM and help us to continue to deepen our relationships.  Continue to bring us all peace in our busy times now that classes have once again started.


~Sara Sneed