Report Back – Listening Project 2021

As a campus pastor, I am well acquainted with the rhythms of saying goodbye and saying hello. As we  savor the gifts of one particular generation of students, we recognize that the next group of individuals that  gather in Christ’s name at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities will be shaped by different experiences and bring different expectations as they  join our community.

Emily: A Reflection from the Border

I went into the Border Immersion trip very excited, but I was also not quite sure how I would feel coming out of it. I knew I was walking into a culture and a place in the world that I had no first-hand experience with.

Transitions Ahead

Last week I let the student leaders of Lutheran Campus Ministry know that I have resigned my position of Outreach and Program Director and will complete my last day of work with LCM on Wednesday, October 9.

Beloved Is Where We Begin

The beginning of a new year is WILD. Wild as in fun, and overwhelming, and stressful, and full of opportunity.

A Warm Welcome to New Students!

As I enter my sophomore year of college, I remember last year when I began school at the University of Minnesota for the first time. I was excited for my new life to start, but not everything went as I thought it would.

Lent: The season of letting go

“So, what are you giving up for Lent?”

As someone who has been a Christian her whole and has spent a lot of time hanging out at church, I’ve heard this question a lot.

Leap of Faith

On a college campus, it’s easy to hear the word “leader,” and instantly think “resumé builder.” [We’re all trying to get that job post-grad.]

Wide Welcome

At LCM-TC, we pride ourselves on a wide welcome.

Compelled to Inclusivity

We’ve all experienced that awful feeling of rejection and loneliness before

Everyday Agape

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s day. I never quite understood why there had to one day set aside to say “I love you.”