Being Present in the World

Maybe you feel like you’ve been on high alert, too? Did you see that I made 2020 a hashtag? It’s been, hmmm, *something.* If we were first driven to our coping mechanisms by fear or anxiety or boredom, they’ve certainly now become habits. For me, constant scrolling is my go-to – when I’m bored, or scared, or anxious, or any number of things. I wonder what it is for you? 

Being Bold in the World

Have you seen the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix? I’ll admit that Queer Eye is one of my favorite shows and as Pride Month came to an end, I decided to re-watch the first episode that features fellow Lutheran, Pastor Noah Hepler.

Being Active in the World

The amazing thing about the early church is that its adherents understood the work they were doing in the world as much a part of “being church,” as when they were gathered together to pray and give thanks to God. They were always on the move, and their gatherings were always sending them out, into the world, to love and serve. This early church was on to something there too – not just because it’s the “right thing to do,” but because loving our neighbors, and being in our bodies, is good for us too.

Being Church in the World

Unlike other summers where we simply send you out to have new experiences and immerse yourselves in the places you are, we’re continuing to gather in small ways this summer, as a way to stay connected, and to accompany you through this extraordinary, “Ordinary Time” in your life. Here are some ways for you to stay connected, grow in your faith, and be the church in the world.

A Note about COVID-19 and LCM Programming

Read through this post on all updated info on LCM programming and COVID-19.

Why You Should Apply to be a Student Leader

As you envision your life in the next school year, the classes, jobs, and student groups, I strongly encourage you to apply to be a leader. Serving as a leader within LCM has been three years of personal growth, deep connection, and fulfillment that I wouldn’t change for anything.

A Warm Welcome to Dana!

On this Epiphany Day, where we celebrate the brilliant, darkness shattering light of Christ, we are beyond thrilled to announce that Dana Rademacher Hansen is joining the LCM-TC staff as our new Program Associate.

Looking Forward to Give to the Max Day!

We sure are getting excited for one of the largest online giving events of the year, Give to the Max Day on Thurs., Nov. 14! To look forward to this day full of generosity and giving, hear from a few of our students and alumni on what makes LCM-TC such a special and needed community on campus and how your support makes this ministry happen. 

We’re Going to Holden Village!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve decided to go to Holden Village to serve, learn, play and pray together over Spring Break this year!

Welcome to Lutheran Campus Ministry!

Dear UMN freshmen (and all other new students!),

Welcome to the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities! We are SO excited to have you here on campus with us this fall…

I know college might seem like a daunting new chapter in life. There are so many new experiences to dive in to! Roommates, dining hall food, new people, new clubs, new classes, new YOU. (But you’ve been hearing this already)

It may seem like you are all alone in this at times, but the good news is: that couldn’t be further from the truth!There is such a vast variety of communities here at the U of M that are overjoyed to embrace you with open minds and hearts. And now all you get to do is pick and choose, and try a few different student orgs and groups on, until you find the right fit!

Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) is one of the amazing communities on campus that is excited to get to know you, and I hope you consider a faith family as an opportunity to support you during this time of transition and growth.

I remember my freshman year feeling a bit overwhelmed with finding all of my classes, figuring out which groups to join, and ultimately how to function as an “adult” away from my parents and life back home. I had a whole other identity back in High School that I wasn’t sure how to carry into my new life at college.

Then, LCM came in. This community is a group of people that has shaped me into who I am today. I am proud of the person I am, partially because of the love, care, and values LCM has instilled in me.

“Pause” worship services every Wednesday night have kept me grounded in my values and faith, given me a moment to press “pause” on the chaos of daily student life, and connected me to some of the people who have grown to be the most important to me on this campus.

As an incoming senior, I am proud to say that I will continue to search for ways to, “Be curious. Be real. Be community.” (LCM’s motto!)

I invite YOU to join us for our first “pause” student worship service the first Wednesday of fall semester, Sept. 7th at 9 pm. “Pause” is held at Grace University Lutheran Church right across the street from superblock. I will be there and would love to welcome you to the University of Minnesota in person! See you at Grace!


Claire Erickson(LCM Servant Leader)