Faith, Science, and Seeking Understanding

I am a scientist. I am also a Christian. Many would say that this is not possible, from both sides of this coin.

The Necessity for Both

As the son of two Lutheran pastors, I literally grew up in churches. I remember antagonizing my brother one Sunday, resulting in him slapping me in the middle of my mom’s sermon. Yet, the ladies in our congregation still gave us pie that Sunday afternoon. In that moment, I learned that God’s abundant mercy and grace can be seen in people, too.

Happy Give to the Max Day!

Today is one of the largest online giving events of the year, Give to the Max Day! To celebrate this day full of generosity and giving, hear from a few of our students and friends of LCM-TC on what makes this such a special and needed community on campus and how your support makes this ministry happen. Visit our Give to the Max Day profile to give from now through the end of Thurs., Nov. 14.

Looking Forward to Give to the Max Day!

We sure are getting excited for one of the largest online giving events of the year, Give to the Max Day on Thurs., Nov. 14! To look forward to this day full of generosity and giving, hear from a few of our students and alumni on what makes LCM-TC such a special and needed community on campus and how your support makes this ministry happen. 

Reflections from the Interfaith Shabbat

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend an interfaith service and dinner with the Jewish student group on campus called MN Hillel. This is an annual event hosted by Hillel in which they invite students from Christian groups across campus to come learn about them and their practices, and share a meal and service together to build inter-campus community among faith groups who may not normally interact.

Pop-Up Theology*

As college students, reading and interpreting scripture on a progressive campus can be challenging.

LCM Huddles: Showing Your Whole Heart

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and chronic worrier, I frequently look at my life and give myself a lot of “shoulds.”

The Light Shines in the Darkness

I’ve felt a heaviness on campus this year, more than in previous ones.

500 Years New

During the season of Reformation, I think I matched the church.

Welcome to the University of Minnesota!

Hello amazing, wonderful, human!

I hope I find you in good health, a happy spirit, and excitement for the upcoming year. There will be a lot going on when you arrive on campus, and it will be beyond exciting to get started on your path to the “real world,” but let me tell you something in advance—there’s going to come a moment when you realize that you’re exhausted and you need a break.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s something that, I will admit, I had help discovering. It’s a group that is full of so much passion and energy but also creates the perfect time to finally Pause. From exploring your dorm and running around all three banks during Welcome Week to getting lost on campus and having to stop someone and say, “Excuse me but could you direct me to ___,” I know it will be a long, tiresome, exciting, funny, stressful adventure, and you’ll be in desperate need for some place to just stop, take a deep breath, and relax.

Look no further—Lutheran Campus Ministry, aka LCM, is the place for you! The first Wednesday night I went to worship, an hour service called Pause, was during a thunderstorm. It was maybe the third week into the school year and I arrived at Grace University Lutheran Church drenched and stressed out. I was still making the transition from living at home with my family to living at school. My pastor from my home church recommended LCM to me, and I hoped that in my time of need for familiarity, I could find a bit of peace.

I realized I was walking into an unfamiliar space by myself during the third week they had already been gathering, and I thought, “What were you thinking???” Nevertheless, I did it anyway. I was greeted at the door and from there to the sanctuary, I was welcomed at least four times before I took a seat next to a stranger. We ended up making conversation and the next thing I know, I found myself singing Mountain Vespers, which were already near and dear to my heart. It was so special to experience walking into somewhere brand new, not really knowing what to expect, but feeling right at home. After the service, we gathered downstairs to enjoy conversation and treats and I found myself signing up for the LCM fall retreat (with people I had now known for a total of two hours—and by the way, the retreat was a blast)!

I came to Pause hoping to find peace in a time of transition, but I found much more than that. I was welcomed into a community of grace and hope and curiosity. The night I decided to see what LCM was all about, I found something so special that once I found it, I never left.

May you find peace when you need it most and happiness always.

Gretchen Glewwe