Pop-Up Theology*

As college students, reading and interpreting scripture on a progressive campus can be challenging.

Welcome Freshmen!

Despite this being my fourth and final year at the University of Minnesota I remember my first semester of college oh so vividly.

A Warm Welcome to Nate!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Nate Crary will be our new Outreach and Program Director!

Finding Your “Holden Moment” : Spring Break Trip to Holden pt. 3

As we’re in the midst of the chaos of finals, we can see the light and hope of summer in the distance…

Give Us Good Courage: Spring Break Trip to Holden pt. 2

Few words can describe my experience from the LCM spring break trip to Holden Village.

Finding Your Village: Spring Break Trip to Holden pt. 1

Self-reliance is an important part of life. In college, we are taught how to be independent, how to take responsibility for our futures and how to…

Interfaith Work in LCM

Although LCM really thrives in our work at Grace University Lutheran Church, we’ve also been engaging the campus community as a whole.

Not Defined by our Demons.

I was excited to hear Pastor Jen preach and I had heard a lot of good things about her from fellow students.