The Tug of Agape (Love)

One of the greatest tragedies on Valentine’s Day this year will be the discontinued candy hearts that will be missing from millions of grocery store…

Remember to pause

Every semester coming back to school after a long break, I find myself battling mixed emotions.

Overwhelmed with Great Joy

“Epiphany—isn’t that the thing right after Christmas?” Well yes, anonymous roommate (…Alyssa), that’s one definition of it.

A Risk Worth Taking

Last weekend, the student leaders at LCM drove up to Stanchfield, MN for a retreat at ARC Retreat Center.

Huddle Up!

“Huddles” are a kitschy name for a small group of students who meet together weekly to get to know others, to grow in your faith, and to put that…

Pop-Up Theology*

As college students, reading and interpreting scripture on a progressive campus can be challenging.

Welcome Freshmen!

Despite this being my fourth and final year at the University of Minnesota I remember my first semester of college oh so vividly.

A Warm Welcome to Nate!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Nate Crary will be our new Outreach and Program Director!