Student Leaders 12-13

Amanda Casselton is a Sophomore Carlson Kid, focusing on marketing.  She became a leader for LCM because she wants to give back to a group who has given so much to her.  Amanda also loves to sing, and has performed on the stage at the Orpheum.
Bryna Godar is a Junior studying journalism and political science.  She hopes that this ministry will work to foster an openness of mind within our community and beyond it, and that we will carry out lessons of love and acceptance of all.  Bryna also carries fond memories with her of living in England while she was in 3rd grade.
Emily Hegland is a Senior studying French and Art History.  Emily loves musicals and gets as excited about art as some people do about sports!  Her hope for LCM is that the word is spread far and wide so that people can find that wonderful, safe place of worship they are looking for.
ashleyAshley Hoffman is a sophomore studying biomedical engineering.  She is also a member of the River Rats, a water-skiing team – water and snow skiing are a family tradition!  Ashley is also passionate about volunteering and is excited to get more people involved with the service and justice work of LCM.
Mark Jensen is a senior majoring in German and History with a freshly added minor in Religion.  He hears God calling LCM to grow and deepen its ministry as an expression of the values of love and justice.  If you get a chance, you should ask Mark to try out an accent (he has a knack for them).
 Laura Kulm is a Junior Electrical Engineering major.  She looks forward to increasing the diversity of people that come to LCM, and is doing her part to invite people in with her duct tape creations.
 Meghan Lane is a Junior who plays in the marching band, and is a Political Science and Spanish major.  She hopes that everyone who LCMers meet will feel welcomed and cared for.  Meghan also has a one-eyed dog named Rosita.
Megan Luken is a Junior studying Spanish and Dance.  She is excited about LCM helping students understand and deepen their faith, while relating it to the real world they’re in.  Megan also eats her French fries from smallest to largest.
Laura McDowell is a Senior Physiology major.  She’s been to great heights in Alaska, South Dakota, and Japan (Mt. McKinley, Harney’s Peak, and Mt. Fuji).  Her hope for LCM is that students will look at LCMers and think of a kind, open, fun, and welcoming community that cares about them in all aspects of their lives.
Allison Scheider is a Swahili speaking, avidly traveling sophomore, majoring in Anthropology .  Allison joined the leadership team for LCM because she appreciates the open mindedness of the ministry, and believes the church should be a place of love and understanding.
Kalysta Schlitter is a Junior majoring in Family Social Science. She’s proud to spend time helping campus ministry continue to gain a strong presence on campus, keep the same welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for students of all levels of faith, while wiggling her left pinky toe (yes, it’s possible!).
Sara Sneed is a Senior Computer Engineering major, and is also coordinating our service team ministry.  She hopes that LCM can become more involved in the community, and practices spreading the good news while ushering at Target Field.
ValerieValerie Troutman is a Senior studying Mechanical Engineering. Valerie’s hopes for this year are that students continue to find a supportive community and grow in their faith with LCM. Oh, and Ghiradelli chocolate is her Krypotnite.
Amy Weispfenning believes LCM is called to continue to grow as a constant, caring, intimate and nurturing community at the U.  She is a sophomore majoring in business, marketing and human resource development.   Also, in 1996, Hillary Clinton visited Amy’s daycare and read her a book.