Student Leaders

Kayla BKayla Berg is a Sophomore, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Neuroscience. She’s interested in Mental Health and hopes to go into counseling and therapy. She’s hoping to learn more about the faith of others through LCM and help her own to grow from others too.
Joe CJoe Carlson is a Senior Chemical Engineering student minoring in Chemistry and Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering.  He enjoys playing in the marching band, meeting new people, and helping LCM grow as a ministry of welcoming all students.  Joe really likes spicy food, and was the fifth person to complete the Blazin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings on campus
Amanda CAmanda Casselton is a Marketing and Finance double major. In addition to LCM, she is involved with many clubs including Alpha Omicron Pi, Women in Business, and Colleges Against Cancer. You can often find her singing or listening to music as it is her biggest passion! She looks forward to joining the LCM leadership team for her second year this fall! She looks forward to growing in faith this year!
Jeremy EJeremy Edwards is a Junior originally from Omaha studying Landscape Architecture. He wants LCM to be a safe haven and a place for open discussion for anybody in the University community. He is a competitive runner and has run half marathons in Phoenix and Seattle and a full marathon in Eau Claire, WI. Hopefully there are more races to come!
Bryna GBryna Godar is a Senior studying Journalism and working at the Minnesota Daily. She just returned from a semester in Israel and is excited to spend the coming year reconnecting with her faith community and deepening our ministry (while fiddling at pause!).
Krista HKrista Hanamann is a Sophomore with an undecided major and a Spanish language minor. She hopes to reach out to new students and to help them find a fun,caring community at LCM. She loves squirrels a lot.
ashleyAshley Hoffman is a Junior majoring in Mathematics. This year as a leader she hopes to continue to help everyone feel welcomed at LCM and be able to grow a stronger relationship with God. Outside of LCM Ashley enjoys spending time with friends and skiing with the River Rats Ski team.
 Brooklynn Ihlen
Alexa IAlexa Iverson is a Senior majoring in Architecture with a minor in Sustainable Studies.  Recently back from a semester in Rome (come ask her about it!), she is excited about being a more integral part of such an open and caring community and can’t wait to see how LCM will grow this year.
Luke JLuke Jerviss is a senior majoring in Chinese Language & Literature with a minor in Management. He spent the last academic year studying Mandarin in Beijing and traveling throughout China. He sees LCM as a place for students to come together in worship and to have open discussions about their faith in a close, hospitable setting.
Laura KLaura Kulm is a Senior studying Electrical Engineering and is from Rhode Island. She is very passionate about music and theater. She hopes that LCM will be able to provide the hospitality and welcome that many students new to a large college campus are looking for.
Meghan LMeghan Lane is a senior studying political science. She hopes that everyone who LCMers meet will feel welcomed and cared for. Meghan plays piccolo in the University of Minnesota Marching Band and has a one-eyed puppy named Rosita.
Drew LDrew Lahl is a Sophomore majoring in MIS and Finance, originally from Bloomington, MN.  Some of his passions include going up to the cabin, travelling, and playing sports.  He looks forward to building the LCM community at the U for the years to come!
Samantha LSamantha Lee is a Sophomore hoping to work as a Public Relations Specialist in the future. Sheworked at a bible camp this summer and it was the best experience she could ever ask for. She hopes that she can bring all that she learned about leadership, faith, and living life to LCM this year and help it to grow internally and expand across campus. She haves a hardcore hitch-hikers thumb, grew up on a dairy farm and showed cows, and went to a Harry Potter Convention (LeakyCon) these past two summers.
Megan LMegan Luken is a Senior studying Spanish and Dance. She plans on taking it one level further by getting her Masters in Education! She hopes that LCM can grow even more this year by maintaining a strong presence on campus. She is also excited about LCM helping students understand and deepen their faith, while relating it to the real world they’re in. Megan loves dance, going out to eat, and hanging with friends in her free time!
Emily MEmily Mattison is a Sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. She hopes to serve the LCM community by making everyone feel welcome. She has a passion for traveling and plans to study abroad in Hong Kong in Fall 2014. In addition to LCM, she is a member of the women’s ultimate frisbee team.
Lindsey MLindsey May is a senior studying architecture and diehard Gopher football fan. Her favorite thing about LCM is the opportunities for service and community that this awesome group of people provide.  When not around Grace or Rapson you can find her cooking, running, or procrastinating with the best of them.
Allison Scheider is a Swahili speaking, avidly traveling Junior, majoring in Anthropology. Allison joined the leadership team for LCM because she appreciates the open mindedness of the ministry, and believes the church should be a place of love and understanding. She is studying abroad in India this semester.
Kalysta SKalysta Schlitter is a Senior majoring in Family Social Science. She’s proud to spend time helping campus ministry continue to gain a strong presence on campus, keep the same welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for students of all levels of faith, while wiggling her left pinky toe (yes, it’s possible!). She is studying abroad in Argentina this semester.
Amy WAmy Weispfenning is Senior studying Business and Marketing Education and Public Health. She believes that LCM is called to continue to grow as a constantly caring and faith nurturing community for students at the U of M. This year, she traveled to both Canada and Mexico for the first time.  In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, crafting, DIYing, organizing, and interior decorating.  She’s excited to be apart of the LCM family again this year
Brady Wilmer is a Sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. Brady loves playing and listening to every type of music under the sun. His hope for LCM is that it can continue to have a strong presence on campus and that it will continue to reach more and more people.

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