be real.

Many of us experience college life as a place where we’re expected to be someone we’re not. As a child of god, you are loved just as you are, not in spite of your flaws and weakness, but because of them. We know a God that shows up in the midst of our brokenness, and offers healing, restoration and forgiveness. Lutheran Campus Ministry is a place where you can get real about what’s actually going on in your life, and be with other people who are looking to do the same.

Love in Action is a page devoted to all of the ways that you can put your faith in action through service work, justice making, and outreach on campus and beyond. Whether traveling to Chiapas over spring break, or showing up in solidarity with people building awareness about mental illness, this is a chance for us to explore all of the ways God shows up in our lives and in the world.

Tuesday Soup There is such a thing as a free lunch!  This is a weekly gathering for lunch and fellowship, no strings attached.  Stop by Grace (324 Harvard St. SE) over your lunch break on Tuesdays.  Soup (free!) is on from 11:30am-1:00pm.

Be Curious |  Be Community

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