be curious.

We understand ourselves as the people of Jacob, who wrestled with God by a river and then received the blessing of God. we take heart in the Apostle Thomas, and the eagerness and earnestness with which he engaged God, and was invited to touch the resurrected One. We trust Jesus when he promised to show up on the margins of our world, and we expect that we too, will meet God in the most unusual places.

Questions are welcome. Doubting is encouraged. We welcome you on this journey of learning what it means to trust the living god in the midst of the uncertainty of our daily lives.

Love in Action is a page devoted to all of the ways that you can put your faith in action through service work, justice making, and outreach on campus and beyond. There’s rarely a better way to get to know people quickly! Whether traveling over spring break, or showing up in solidarity with people building awareness about mental illness, this is a chance for us to explore all of the ways God shows up in our lives and in the world.

Faith and Leadership Institute Gather monthly to hear from community leaders how their faith undergirds and inspires their leadership. We eat together (good food generously provided by the Lilly Endowment), hear from our featured speaker, and engage with one another about the intersection of faith and leadership in our lives. More information on speakers and dates is here.

Interfaith Dialogue draws us closer to others and deeper into our own faith journeys.  We come with open minds and open hearts, and prepare to be changed by God’s action in all of creation. We partner with the Multifaith Student Council on various events, and have a unique relationship with the Muslim Students Association rooted in our common meeting space at Grace. These events are in process, so just email Pastor Kate to get connected.

Be Real | Be Community

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