Give Us Good Courage: Spring Break Trip to Holden pt. 2

Few words can describe my experience from the LCM spring break trip to Holden Village.

Finding Your Village: Spring Break Trip to Holden pt. 1

Self-reliance is an important part of life. In college, we are taught how to be independent, how to take responsibility for our futures and how to count on ourselves in times of stress and struggle.

Interfaith Work in LCM

Although LCM really thrives in our work at Grace University Lutheran Church, we’ve also been engaging the campus community as a whole.

Not Defined by our Demons.

I was excited to hear Pastor Jen preach and I had heard a lot of good things about her from fellow students.

LCM Huddles: Showing Your Whole Heart

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and chronic worrier, I frequently look at my life and give myself a lot of “shoulds.”

Making the Shift from Fear to Faith

It took 21 years, but I can safely say that Fear is no longer running my life.

Winter Leader Retreat: Finding Warmth and Light in the Darkness

Winter and I are in an intense love/hate relationship.

The Light Shines in the Darkness

I’ve felt a heaviness on campus this year, more than in previous ones.

Gratitude and Finding God in Strife

Gratitude has been tough for me lately

How to be Generous, Even When You Feel Empty

I think this a phrase that all college students have said or heard more times than we could count.