A Risk Worth Taking

Written by James Dahlvang

Last weekend, the student leaders at LCM drove up to Stanchfield, MN for a retreat at ARC Retreat Center. One of the activities Pastor Kate had for us was to map our faith, defining moments when we felt God actively in our lives. For me, one of those moments was my huddle.

Huddles are LCM’s small groups in the spring semester. 5-7 people gather every week and discuss an idea centered around a specific topic.


James serving at a nearby food pantry alongside fellow huddle member, Jacob

Each week digs a little deeper and we finish each topic with an activity—like a service project or gathering with another huddle. Ranging from basic theology to deep, unanswered questions about faith and with service mixed in, huddles provide something for everyone.

Personally, I was apprehensive about huddles. I had one foot in and one out of LCM. But my huddle was different. The first couple meetings were a little awkward. People were feeling each other’s personalities out, and it was hard to dive deep. Eventually, I made a connection within my huddle and we’re still good friends to this day. My huddle, on top of quenching my theological thirst, had also given me close community—something I never expected.

This weekend, Pastor Kate noted that wilderness is something a lot of college students can relate to, and I agree with that. We’re dropped in the middle of the Twin Cities, surrounded by people from the suburbs, from the country, and from all over the world. For many of us, this is the first time we are on our own. Without my huddle, it would’ve been easy to get stuck in the wilderness. But having that small group to tether to, knowing for one hour a week I’d be surrounded by people who deeply cared for me and wanted to know answers to the same questions I had; that made my huddle a mountaintop moment.

I hope you consider joining a huddle. Whether it’s for community, service, questioning, or exploring faith, huddles will have something for you. And, if you’re feeling apprehensive like I did, know that huddles are definitely worth the risk.

Peace be with you, and have a great spring semester!

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