Huddle Up!

Written by Pastor Kate

What’s a Huddle?  

“Huddles” are a kitschy name for a small group of students who meet together weekly to get to know others, to grow in your faith, and to put that faith in action. Last Spring, we experimented with these small groups meeting on East Bank, West Bank and the St. Paul campus all throughout the day. Here are some comments from students who joined “Huddles” last year:

  • “…huddles helped me realize that while I am good at having a conversation with basically anyone, it is still very challenging for me to open up about myself to create a much deeper connection with another person – this is an area where I want to grow.” – Connor
  • “Huddles provide fulfillment and energy by adapting to the interests of its members – for example, our members are all interested in social justice…huddles helped connect our new knowledge of social justice issues with our understanding of God’s call for us to love and serve others.” – Julia
  • I’ve seen a lot of growth in my faith through our huddles…Our huddle leader has really challenged us as a group, and it’s been amazing to share stories of my faith with other kids facing the same challenges I do every day.” – James

These small groups are a great way to develop new and meaningful relationships, discover how God is at work in your life, discuss the questions you have and together, put your faith in action. We hope you join us this semester!

Sign up now (but for sure by January 24, 2019) by clicking here.


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