New day…new rhythm…

I would be lying to you if I said that I didn’t love the beginning of a new routine. As each semester begins, I eagerly fill out my planner, print my syllabi, buy new notebooks, and physically wiggle with anticipation for what is to come. (I acknowledge this is not a feeling shared by all…) I feel as though I am re-energized and ready to tackle my new classes and work schedule, balancing it all flawlessly. However, despite these feelings of excitement, within a few weeks I start to feel worn and my days may feel dull as what was all brand new becomes routine. It is as if the shiny-ness and newness of my rhythm fades. What I am learning though is that this ‘fading’ is not necessarily a bad thing. There is still much newness in my every day- just not everything is brand new. There are still new people to meet, there are still new conversations to have, there is still new food to try, there is still that new album I’ve been meaning to listen to, there are still new laughs to share, and there are still new tears that will fall. There is still so much newness and freshness all around me and within me. So as our first few weeks of the semester become our new rhythm, I encourage you to see the new in each day…because this incredible college rhythm goes much too quickly.

-Emily Mentz, Servant Leader

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