“mission specific outreach”

As new and returning students come back to the U in the fall, it’s one of the most exciting times at LCM! Outreach is a significant focus at the beginning of the school year—and the student servant leaders help take the lead on these important efforts! One of the ideas we talked about at the student leader training in August was “mission specific outreach”. LCM chooses to view outreach through this lens, because if we are putting energy into this, then as a faith community we want people to really get a sense of who we are—a group of people that strives to be curious. be real. be community. Everything we do comes back to this mission. To dive deeper into this idea, we asked questions like:

How do we spread the word about who we are and what we believe?

What/who is God calling LCM to be advocates for/partners with on this campus?

How can we spread God’s love through all that we do and create a more just world?  

This fall, in addition to upcoming outreach events like the Faith & Leadership Institutes, Interfaith River Cleanup, and other community service opportunities, student leaders have already put much time and energy into living out this idea of “mission specific outreach” by talking with new students and connecting and welcoming them in various ways to the LCM community. The energy and passion all these students bring is a blessing to this ministry and campus, and we are so excited to continue to welcome new faces into this space!

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