A place where questioning is okay…

I first learned about Lutheran Campus Ministry from a poster on the wall in my residence hall. I went to Pause (the Wednesday night worship) once, and then again, and decided that this was a group worth being part of. I grew up going to church pretty regularly, but I came to college with a lot of questions; questions about God, question about my faith, and questions about what the next four years would hold. I found in LCM a group of individuals that is passionate and compassionate, inviting and exciting. On a whim, I signed up for Fall Retreat—a trip to Wisconsin that is full of fun relaxation and thoughtful reflection—with a bunch of people I hardly knew. Going on that trip was one of the best decisions I made last year. I met many of my closest friends at campus ministry. It was also a great way to meet upperclassmen, who have lots of great advice for college freshmen. I can’t say I’ve yet found all of the answers to my questions, but I’ve found a few of the answers, and for the unanswered ones, I’ve found a great group to keep asking with. My best advice to freshmen at the U (and colleges anywhere, for that matter) is to check out as many different student groups as possible—there’s no commitment. You’re far more likely to look back on your college years wishing you’d been more involved, than to lament that you did too much and met too many people by participating in an overabundance of student groups. I encourage you to drop by sometime and check Lutheran Campus Ministry out—you might just find the same awesome community I did. 

-Jordan Kleist

LCM Servant Leader (sophomore)


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