Jesus and Hashtags

By Student Servant Leader, Corey Bergman

Can you imagine if Jesus had a Twitter?

No this isn’t going to be one of those cheesy “We need to get in touch with young church goers” sermons where they kind of shame you into admitting you would “follow” Jesus, and simultaneously get parts of how Twitter works wrong so it is just awkward for everyone involved.

I firmly believe that Jesus wouldn’t have been a Twitter evangelizer. I don’t think “loving your neighbor” coincides with replies that call you out for doing something wrong, or something as basic as the prayer of the day. I think Jesus would have focused more on the day to day things that him and the disciples were doing. You know like “#Congrats to my new favorite Canaanite couple, hope you enjoyed the wine”, or “Chilling with the cuz at the Jordan” and there is a picture of him and John the Baptist attached.

For some reason that is the Jesus I would rather “follow”, not the one who shames me about what I do, or tweets bland prayers that don’t necessarily interact with my life on any meaningful level. I would rather “follow” the Jesus who was real, the one who was so good at being human, that it made me want to be more like him. I believe Jesus would agree with me too. We have entered the Easter season, and soon we will hear passages that talk about hypocrites on street corners, and keeping secrets from our hands. These passages seem to be all about how to interact with other people as a person of faith. To me, it doesn’t seem like any of them tell me to shame my friends in Christ, but to get along with and love them.

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