Advent Adventures!

It is the first week of Advent, and in this mystical time of anticipation and waiting, Lutheran Campus Ministry-Twin Cities is offering a few ways for you to get your daily dose of Advent! (aka Pastor Kate’s favorite season!!)

On our Facebook page, our staff members are offering daily Advent reflections.  “Like” our pages to receive daily reminders of God’s inbreaking, indwelling love for you.

On our Instagram, we are also doing an Advent Photo-of-the-Day Devotion as a way to reflect in this season. Each day has a word inspired from scripture and we will be posting a photo that resembles that word for LCM. You can join in on the photo taking too! Below is a list of the words for each day and just use #AdventAdventuresLCMTC so the entire community can see your reflections as well.

advent graphic.png

We hope that through this season, even through the stress of finals, you can take a moment each day to breathe deeply the breath of God and be still in His presence.

Peace to you…

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