Vision Team Announced!

Vision Team Announced!

Last year, LCM-TC was the recipient of a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment to strengthen our Christian leadership development work.  After a year of trial and error, our community of leaders reshaped our “Core Team” of leaders into a Vision team.  This Vision Team is called by the community to:
  • explore a Christian community in a context very different than our own, and then
  • integrate that learning into our community as it shifts and grows and changes year by year.
I am grateful that the following people have said yes to this call, and I know they are humbled and honored by the nominations from their peers.  Libby Witte, Dana Rademacher, and Heidi Schaus were recognized for their passion for growing in faith, their demonstrated commitment to serving as leaders in the LCM community, and their capacity to cast a vision for where and how we might grow next.  I know they welcome your prayers, and your well wished for good courage as they explore several options for learning and growing that will strengthen and expand our vision for Christian community.
Please join me in congratulating these three outstanding young women!
-Pastor Kate

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