Waiting in the Airport

This Thanksgiving, I flew from Minneapolis back home to Chicago. I love flying out of Minneapolis, especially out of Terminal 2, because it’s usually a very pleasant experience. This Wednesday was no exception. Terminal 2 is the epitome of Minnesota-nice culture: people are courteous, nobody is rude and pushy, and even the TSA agents smile. Terminal 2 is also where I saw God this week.

Everybody sees God in different ways. Some people see God when they are outside in the beauty of nature. Some people see God in the quiet. I see God when people show love to one another in chaos.

In Terminal 2, on the most stressful traveling day of the year, I saw a lot of love. I saw families reuniting. I saw a barista greeting each person as an individual, despite having tons of customers. I saw strangers chatting and bonding over the shared anticipation of a holiday with loved ones. It was a wonderful way to start my break and I am very thankful that I was able to see God in this way.

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