Awake My Soul


This semester has absolutely been a whirlwind and I’m only half way through it.  I’ve been busy juggling all of my commitments – school, work, family time, student groups, volunteering, etc.  I’m loving every minute of it and I’m definitely trying to enjoy it and soak it all in because this is my last year of college.  I’m officially a senior set to graduate in May, but this is only my 3rd year in college.  I’ve worked hard to get to this point and I’m beyond ecstatic to be graduating early, but I’m forced to make “grown-up” decisions sooner than my peers.  Instead of deciding what classes I’ll take next year, I have to make decisions about my future plans and career.  This is definitely not an easy task, especially for a self-proclaimed planner!  One of the reasons I am able to graduate a year early is because I strategically planned every single semester of college and I have the next 7 months completely planned out in my planner.  (See what I said?  I’m a planner :). )  However, the days and months immediately following my graduation ceremony in May are totally blank.  What comes next?

At the beginning of this semester, I was fortunate to get to attend the Mumford & Sons concert.  One of their songs, Awake My Soul, definitely speaks to how I’m feeling right now.  Here are some of the lyrics:

And now my heart stumbles on things I don’t know

My weakness I feel I must finally show

Lend me your hand and we’ll conquer them all

But lend me your heart and I’ll just let you fall

Lend me your eyes I can change what you see

But your soul you must keep, totally free

Awake my soul

This song reminds me that even though I don’t know what comes after graduation, I can trust that God has big plans for me that He will reveal when the right time comes.  If I could, I’d plan the rest of my life, so my heart is stumbling and I’m definitely feeling weak because I don’t know what comes next.  However, it’s important for me to believe that God knows my future and is holding my hand through it all because with Him by my side, I’ll definitely conquer life after graduation!


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