The Balancing Act

         How do we find balance in a time in our lives where there is so much going on? On top of classes and homework, we have clubs and jobs and sports and friends, all life giving activities.  But how, in all of this action and commitment and stress, do we find time for ourselves?  I’ve been struggling with this issue of balance for almost my entire college career and, warning, there is no easy answer.  Initially I ignored the problem and only when I felt extremely overwhelmed did I realize that once again my life was really out of balance.  I had left no time for self-reflection and questioning and was losing my self in school and my commitments.  You’d think that since this has happened more than once, I would catch on and understand that I can’t try to take on everything at once. The problem is, I just can’t seem to help myself.  There are so many interesting courses to take, so I take more credits than necessary and there are equally as many great ways to get involved on campus.  With that in mind, cutting back on what I’m invested in isn’t a viable option.  So instead I’m left with a giant juggling act and I’ve never learned to juggle.  With everything in the air, something is guaranteed to fall and that’s okay.  One of the biggest helps when you’re stressed out and anxious is to acknowledge that you’re overwhelmed, and that it’s an acceptable feeling.  Also you’re not alone, at one point or another, or possibly too consistently, we all feel the same way. 


            At these points, it’s hard to take time away from everything that seems to be piling up to just take time for ourselves but it’s often what helps the most.  Set aside time for a walk, meditation, baking, self reflection, sleep, asking question that probably won’t be answered right away, what ever YOU need.  Even if it’s just for 15 minutes every other day, its important to take time do something that helps you find your center and forget, just for a moment during the day, all of the things that stress you out. 



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