Mountain Vespers

I just spent $9.90 on iTunes.  What, you might ask, did I buy?  Well let me tell you!  I just downloaded all ten of the songs on Kent Gustavson’s Mountain Vespers CD.  My decision to purchase these songs is completely nostalgic and let me tell you why!

This year, LCM decided to host Pause, our student worship, every week instead of twice per month like in the years past.  In order to keep Pause fun and engaging, we do different services each week, including Traditional Pause, Second Supper, Holden Evening Prayer, and Mountain Vespers.

Mountain Vespers is by far my favorite service.  I look forward to it each month!  We gather at the front of the sanctuary and sit in a cozy circle.  We are lead by our very own folk band and talented soloists as we sing the Mountain Vespers songs.  The music was written for a mountain church in Washington called Holden Village, so the songs are homey and very catchy.

I love everything about the Mountain Vespers service!  I’m sad that tonight is the last Mountain Vespers of the year!  I purchased the Mountain Vespers CD on iTunes so that I can continue to sing along to the songs while I’m on break during the summer.

I would encourage EVERYONE to come to LCM’s Mountain Vespers service tonight at 9pm!  Maybe then you’ll truly understand why $9.90 was well spent on these songs!

For a sneak peak, check out the songs here:

Amy Weispfenning

One thought on “Mountain Vespers

  1. Kent Gustavson (@drkent) says:

    Amy, thank you so much for this lovely review! It’s really a blessing to me that you are all enjoying the service 🙂 Please stay in touch, and send me a video or recording of the service if you ever have a chance! I’d love to hear/see.

    Take good care, and many adventures and blessings to you all,

    – Kent

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