Being Thankful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, God has given me a lot to be thankful for.

This past week my mom spent two nights in the hospital.  She had a blood clot causing a lot of pain in her leg.  After going to the emergency room she had it confirmed that it was a clot in her leg.  The doctor also questioned her on her shortness of breath, which she attributed to being nervous about being the hospital.  However, they did an MRI on her chest to find a few smaller blood clots in her lungs. After, she was given blood thinners and was able to be home in two days.  Honestly, I am still overwhelmed, but incredibly thankful that they found the clots in her lungs.

She is a lot better now, I am keep thanking God that they found the clots in her lungs, things could have been much worse.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to be close enough to home that I had the opportunity to spend the day with her in the hospital with my family.

The response of my friends and family to what happen also reminded me of how blessed I am for the people God placed in my life. The concern from close friends meant the world to me.  I really believe that God puts bad or scary things in our life so we will realize how much else we have been given.

These situations also put into perspective what is most important in live and what can be left as it is.  Last week was incredible stressful but also reminded me of what I value and where I need to be grounded.   I have been caught up in so many other things that I feel like I just got distracted, and God can use anything to bring us back to where we belong.  Sadly, it took a visit to a hospital for me to finally feel like I needed to be re-grounded.

But I am thankful that God takes the time to let us back.


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