Where there is hatred, let us sow love….

A man named Brother Jed was on campus today.  He was preaching hatred and damnation as the way we know that God is love.  He called women whores, and used language that rivaled Westboro Baptist to demean the GLBTQA community.  The list of people going to hell, included these people, as well as Muslims, Jews, (the very broad category of) foreigners…among others.

We expected this, and while not wanting to give him too much of our energy, thought it was important to have a religious presence, and a visible message of God’s love, right next to his vitriol.

We also wanted students passing by to have a chance to act positively, and faithfully, in response to the feelings he stirred up in everyone.  We encouraged students passing by to write blessings for the people who were targets of his hatred.  This is some of what they wrote:

  • I pray that all people, gay, straight and anyone share the same love and same rights.
  • You are beautiful people and you deserve to choose how you live no matter who you are!  We love you!  -Kelly and Jennifer
  • God bless!  Don’t worry about what anyone says! Love, Samantha
  • You are beautiful.  I accept you.
  • Smile!  Jesus loves you!
  • Love!
  • God has loved, is loving, and will always love the whole world.
  • God loves everyone even when they don’t love him.  God knows everyone even when they don’t know him.  God bless us ALL.  Amen.
  • You are equal. You are amazing. That’s it.
  • We can’t stop hate, but we can spread love.  And I love you all!
  • Jesus loves gay people and all of us should too!  I LOVE MY GLBT FRIENDS!
  • Not everyone is a hater!
  • I pray that everyone knows that God loves them, no matter what!
  • God loves everyone. No exceptions.
  • Jesus loves you as you are.
  • No one deserves hate.  Let’s love!
  • My thoughts and love go out to all the women here!

And blessings for Brother Jed:

  • I will never be convinced that you would love me, a gay Lutheran, but that is okay, because I love you and I pray for God to ever hold you and keep you.  Blessings to you.
  • I pray that the negativity leave your soul.  God Bless.


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