Experiencing God in unexpected places!

LCM Blog 9/4/12

The cool crisp air ran through my tossled hair as I slowly made my way along the west river road. Saturday morning was one of the most beautiful mornings I have experienced in some time and I was able to take time to get out for  a nice long ride through the gorgeous city I now call my home. Although fall has always been my favorite season, there is something about the last few days of summer, the feeling of freedom, and the ready to turn trees that gives me a little extra energy. After a long week of leadership training, meetings, and moving in I needed to take some time for myself and explore the wonderful trails I am so privileged to have around me. It seems like I always have a lot on my plate and my mind continuous juggles far too many thoughts but on this ride I had an overwhelming sense of peace rush over me. I was about half way through my ride and decided to stop along the river and take in the beauty that surrounds me everyday. As I stood along the path taking in the glorious creations of god I also began to notice the others around me. The groups of mothers jogging with their strollers, the intense biker who was on a mission, or the family strolling through the park with there children. This was a major god siting for me. I felt as though it was the place I needed to be in that exact moment. To be there noticing all of the wonderful lives others have and how grateful I am to be able to be healthy enough to be on a bike, and close enough to be out enjoying such beautiful landscapes. I was reminded that morning of the importance of gratitude and being thankful for the ability to be able to perform everyday tasks, and that god is always there opening your eyes a little bigger, or speaking a little more clearly in the most unexpected of moments.


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