Curiosity as a value of faith

During leadership training we are revisiting our values as a ministry: hospitality, service, justice, integrity, and curiosity.

Curiosity: the desire to learn.

It is a value integral to deep faith, yet often overlooked in religion. Jesus is referred to as “teacher,” which means that we are his students. Our role is to question, to explore, to be curious.

Professors can lecture for an entire two hours, but nothing will take root without the students’ investment.

In the same way, we can live our lives at face value, simply accepting things as they seem, never questioning the why or the how. But without curiosity, without the hunger to learn, we can never know the world, each other, ourselves, or God as deeply.

As an exercise during training, we walked around campus and brought back an item or photograph of something that represents curiosity. A few of us returned with items from trees.

Trees, as they stand, are majestic. Without much curiosity, one can appreciate a tree as beautiful, tall, green. With curiosity, however, one can delve beneath the bark and into the leaves, wondering why this life exists and how this life is sustained. With curiosity, we reach a much deeper level of understanding and awe, astounded by the complexities and details of a life longer than our own.

And the deeper we go, the more curious we become – it is a never-ending journey.

In this way, by questioning and exploring our religions, our faiths, we delve ever deeper into the complexities and intricacies of God, never fully knowing and always hungering for more.

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