Relationships and new beginnings

Throughout this season of Lent, I have taken on the practice of relationship building whether it be with existing friends or getting to know new friends in an intentional way. Although outwardly, I may not portray my feelings of insecurity around these conversations, it truly does cause me much anxiety internally. These types of encounters, especially with people I don’t know very well, make me overanalyze my actions and words to a point where they don’t flow with conversation creating awkward pauses (which I dread!!!). After intentionally practicing this for the last forty-some-odd days, I have come to the conclusion that after the initial conversation the flow of subsequent talks is much smoother and even more enjoyable. This has led to the beginning of some great new friendships already and growth in a lot of previous ones.

I can honestly say that since starting this practice I have become more confident in my conversational abilities and no longer dread them as much. What used to be my biggest fear has turned into something that I know will be a benefit in the long run. So I encourage you to embrace whatever is most challenging for you and go out and practice whatever that may be. You never know what great things can come from trying to overcome your fears and anxieties.

Also, go out and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!!  Christ has risen indeed!


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