Slow Down

Thanksgiving Break – was exactly what I needed last week! I feel that I am now ready to take on these crazy last few weeks of class! It was absolutely amazing to be able to spend 4 days at home with my family. I worked hard to get most of my school work completed ahead of time so that I could truly take a step back from school for the weekend. From seeing familiar faces and scenery of my hometown, to quiet relaxing hours outside with my family and dogs, I was again reminded of some of the simple things in life that bring me great joy.

With finals approaching and flu season in full swing (believe me I am making sure I get my Vitamin C!), I am consciously now more than ever, making sure I slow down and find joy in each day. It is so easy for me to get caught up in the piles of school work and other obligations, that I need to make sure that I do not take other things that are important to me for granted.

Especially with Advent lining up with the last weeks of class, these past years of college I don’t feel that I have really given the Advent Season the thought and presence in my life that it deserves. I was able to squeeze in some preparations for Christmas (decorating, getting loved ones presents) but I didn’t feel these past two years that I adequately prepared myself for Christmas.

That is my prayer for these coming weeks (for myself and for everyone) – to truly be able to prepare for Christmas. No matter how stressed or busy life may get, to make sure to take some time to slow down and to not loose sight of what is important.


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