as things get crazy…

"Gus" in the marsh

Life as a student has, for me, always been a busy one. Between intramural leagues, classes, friends, and the occasional trip home, I seem to constantly be running sprints (and here I thought I left my track days behind me when i graduated HS). This being my senior year, I have now shifted into overdrive. Where in tarnation can I find time for God?

This past weekend, I had the chance to go duck hunting with some old friends. We left Thursday evening and reached our destination late, with just enough time to unpack before heading off to sleep. Duck hunting is done best at the crack of dawn and dusk, so as 5:30 rolled around, so we rolled out of our beds and out the door. We hunted until we were hungry, went and ate, slept a little, hunted again, ate again, and then did the whole thing over the next day.

It was amongst this whirlwind of an adventure that I did find it- that place in tarnation (didn’t think I could use that word twice in one post, now did you!). As I was laying out in the prairie one morning, waiting for the sun and ducks to arrive, I suddenly found myself talking to Him. It wasn’t anything profound and it didn’t give me a sense of revelation. However, it was God time; time that I thought I didn’t have.

As we go about our busy days, be them teaching, working, laughing, or learning, we so often forget to see God’s presence in all of the crazy. In my case, I took a second to look and was blown away by all of the great people I have in my life. I was able to see God working through all of them, shaping who I have become and am growing to be.

It is through His grace that I have ended up here typing this post- sometimes I am just running too fast to thank Him. Hopefully I will remember to stop and catch my breath just a little more often.


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