as the leaves fall

As leaves change color and drift to the ground, I am reminded of the natural process of letting go. Every year, trees let go of their coverings for winter, trusting that new life will bud from their branches in the spring.

Like many students, I often find myself grasping for control of my life, clinging to bits of order, consequently spiraling further and further out of control. When you hold on too tightly to life, it falls through your fingers like sand, leaving you stressed and frantic as you scramble to pick it back up. A couple weeks ago, my life had reached this point – I needed to know what ‘the plan’ was, where my life was going; I needed to be in control. Instead, I lost all control and purpose.

In the past weeks as the trees have begun to let go, I too have focused on letting go of control, surrendering my life to God. My life has since ordered itself into a beautiful, exciting exploration. By letting go of control, I have found peace. I no longer need to know the answers; I rejoice in living the questions.


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