Yes, God is even present in the construction.

I know, it’s hard to believe, especially for those of you who know how much I hate the construction that’s happening on campus, but I saw God in the construction on Friday.

I had been busy all week helping plan and organize a dinner for my robotics group, and was feeling very overwhelmed as I ran around campus, having to take alternate routes as the closed routes between home and class continued to be unpredictable.  I met some friends and brought stuff to Coffman where the dinner would be, and took off once again to pick up food from Jimmy Johns.  As I crossed Harvard St, I noticed a huge piece of construction equipment stationed in the construction area in front of Espresso Expose.  Right in front of it was a man holding a young boy, probably about 2 years old.  Their peaceful observation and childlike wonder was enough to slow me down.  Besides wishing I could be that young and carefree again, I was reminded to take a minute to slow down and smell the roses.  I’ve begun to slow down a little bit as I pass the construction and notice all the improvements that they are making daily instead of only complaining about how the streets are torn up and seem to have been for so long.

Sara Sneed

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