Come tomorrow, I will officially have been back in the Twin Cities for a month. Wait… what? Inconceivable!

As I reflect back on the time which has already been spent, I can affirm that the most treasured assets to the University and to Lutheran Campus Ministry are people. Those friendships and connections which first introduced me to the greatness of this place held true as I returned in August. Over the past month, I’ve spent time reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and even cultivating better relationships with people whom I had already known. I was graciously taken in by my great-uncle Bob and great-aunt Laurel for my first week back during LCM leader training. Their hospitality and friendliness were greatly appreciated as we got to know each other better over the week (we had previously only talked with each other at semi-annual family reunions). Kate, Emily, Chelsea, Nate, Lisa, Sara, Laura, Sarah, Laura, Kalysta, Joe, Meghan, Valerie, Ellen, Bryna, Eric, Andrew and I spent our first week back takin’ care of LCM business while catching up where we had left off with each other in May. By the end of the week, we were so well reacquainted with each other that we completed a “blind” team-building exercise within a minute’s time. Inconceivable!

Since classes have begun, the focus has shifted back to the daily grind. New courses, new professors, new classmates, and new responsibilities have kept us excited and busy. At times the weight of it all can be overwhelming, with days that have nonstop action. This past Sunday, I woke up, went to worship at Grace, immediately power-walked to work, and went back to Grace for Bread & Belonging as soon as my shift was done. While the day was long, I was lucky enough to meet Wallace Shawn at work (Vizzini from Princess Bride). Inconceivable!

To those new or returning students who have already felt the stress of balancing school and life as I have, I offer this piece of advice. Even though you can’t put the pressures that come along with college to rest for good, you can find relief in the form of community. Finding times in the week to sit, relax, and talk to other students who understand the hectic college life is a great way to put your mind at ease. If you’re at all interested in getting to know some new friends, finding a relaxing place to worship, or simply to eat some great food, consider Lutheran Campus Ministry. Inconceivable? Hardly.


Luke Jerviss

One thought on “Inconceivable!

  1. Faye Owens says:

    Luke: If I were a student (esp.) a newbie, I would feel very welcome to stop in to find friends and some fellowship ! You invited them in a most welcoming manner. Good show. Glad you are settled into your campus routine and taking good care of yourself and others.

    sending warm regards to you – A. Faye

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